• BigWay Skills Camp 2021

    No stress. No blame.

    Learn bigway the right way.

  • BigWay Skills Camp 2021

    The best entertainment and education per skydive.


    • Sat 24th - Tues 27th July 2021
    • Skydive Pink, Klatovy, Czech Republic
    • Four days of jumping. (Fri 23rd is arrival and warm up day and is strongly recommended. Thurs 22nd is a bigway skills camp in the Prague tunnel, Weds 28th is boogie fun jump day).
    • 20 jumps.
    • No stress
    • No blame
    • No drama
    • Just fun, smiles and socially distanced cheesy high fives.
    • Please be ready for 8am Sat 24th July. 
    • Release time (no later than) 4pm Tues 27th July (normally there are flights leaving Prague after 8pm)


    • Skydivers who want to get bigway current for the summer
    • Skydivers who haven't done multi-plane before
    • Skydivers that want to learn bigway properly
    • Skydivers who want to have a fun trip. Obvs.
    • Skydivers that want a reference for other events


    Skydivers who want multiple completions.
    This camp isn't about completions. It's about learning the skills required in a no stress atmosphere. As soon as there is an expectation of completions, the stress increases, decisions are rushed and mistakes are more common. No stress. No blame.
    You need to be aware that you will do some jumps in your comfort zone. And then you will be rotated into a slot that you are not comfortable with. 50kg people in the base? 100kg people on the outside? That's what we do here. Test yourself.

    There were zero completions in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Perfect. But everyone came away more confident about performing under pressure in a traditional bigway environment AND they were all smiling.

    This is how you learn bigway properly.


    At the start of the event you must have:

    Minimum 50 jumps post FS1.*
    Minimum 15 jumps in 3 months preceding this event, ie between 24th April - 24th Jul
    Minimum 2hrs tunnel total of which at least 1hr in the 3 months preceding.


    *FS1 - ("Formation Skydiving 1") is a UK proficiency award. You're awarded this when you prove you can do at least 4 points of 4way on a skydive. There are other requirements but this is the headline one.

    Practice Jump requirements:

    Please practice your tracking. Get used to tracking next to someone for a few seconds before fanning out and separating.

    Suggest you try this on at least two jumps ahead of the camp.


    Plan and jump a normal FS jump, 2 or 3 way. At 7k, turn and fly as a tracking team. Fan out at 5k, and deploy at 4. These altitudes are just a suggestion, feel free to modify them to make them more appropriate for your jump.


    NOTE: C licence (200 jumps total) required to jump from high altitude with O2 and to jump the balloons. If you're close, make it happen.


    1) Read this website.

    2) Pay the reg fee. Details in the reg form or available by email.

    3) Fill in the reg form.


    (scroll down this website to see the list of confirmed attendees - once registration is open, obviously)

    🪂 THE PLAN

    Day 1 plan is to do 10-12ways (internal camera on one group).

    To get the best results we need to build a strong foundation. A few of you might think progress is too slow on day one but the benefits will show later in the camp. Perhaps one O2 jump for people with >200 jumps.


    Day 2. If we can do multi-plane, we will.


    Days 3 and 4 are planned to be multi-plane. 10 from each plane. Perhaps 2x O2 jumps from increased altitude on Day4.


    Nominally 5 jumps per day but we'll flex if weather requires it. Option of a 'special' 6th jump on one evening. See below.


    Frozen - no change for 2021. Sliding Scale. The bigway FS scene is ageing. To encourage younger skydivers to join we're using a sliding scale.

    • Registration fee = £140 (equivalent to £35 per day for LO and camera on five jumps - a massive bargain. Equivalent to less than 4 mins in the tunnel)
    • Under 30? Discounted reg fee = £95
    • In full time education? Discounted reg fee = £75 (equivalent to only £18.25 per day, or less than 2 mins in the tunnel)

    Credit card options exist in the registration form. Bank transfer saves 1.4% card handling fee. Euro bank account details exist too.


    The reg fee covers your LO and cameraflyer costs for 5 jumps per day for 4 days.


    PS The sliding scale seems to work so happy to keep it for a third year. Would love to hear your feedback.


    PPS The credit card company takes 20p and 1.4% from every card transaction. After feedback from participants on previous events, I have included a voluntary option to cover the 1.4%. This is totally optional and not expected at all.


    PPPS if a simple thing like money is the only thing stopping you from registering... speak to me. We might be able to find a flexible solution. I just want people to jump.

    🪂 SAFETY

    We all want to come home in one piece...

    • No turns greater than 90deg under 1500 feet. 
    • There shouldn't really be any turns greater than 90deg over 1500 feet either.
    • Land in the same direction, as indicated. OR land well away from everyone else. So far away we can't film you.
    • If your downwind leg is on one side of the landing area, then you should NOT travel the whole width of the landing area on your cross wind leg as you'll be cutting everyone else up.
    • If multi plane, suggest you carry a phone with you. I've landed off on more multi plane jumps than wingsuit jumps. No one wants it to happen. But...
    • Make sure you have the number of the DZ stored in your phone.  
    You will need to prove yourself safe in freefall and especially under canopy before we allow you to progress to multi plane. We'll be watching and assessing you from the moment you arrive at the dirt dive (don't be late) until you're back in the packing tent. Be safe. Look out for each other. We want you to jump multi-plane. BUT more importantly we have to make sure that the other 19 jumpers in the group plus your friendly cameraflyer are not put at unnecessary risk.

    By coming on this trip you are confirming that with appropriate training and encouragement you will be able to safely fly 20-22ways. We will do our very best to help you. However, if you're unable to fly in 20-22ways safely; your approach is uncontrolled, your tracking is inefficient or your canopy control is reckless, or maybe you're just having a bad day, at some point you will be asked to stand down from the group.


    You should have at least 50 jumps post FS1 (or equivalent) to be considering this event.
    You should have at least 2hrs of tunnel flying experience and at least 1hr of tunnel flying in the 3 months prior to the camp. Tunnel time can be as cheap as £140 for an hours group flying. (www.dynamic6.uk is my group social tunnel flying mailing list)
    If you have >200 jumps then you'll be able to take part in the O2 jump(s) from >15k. This is planned for day1&4. At least one jump. No more than two. Unless everyone has >200 jumps and wants to get high.
    You should try some 'tracking team' jumps before you arrive. At least 2 jumps. Try and fly close to each other, start slow and get faster. The aim is maximum horizontal distance travelled.

    Tracking teams are great. But we only seem to use them on the big jumps. This means when you're on the biggest skydive of your life, and your audible beeps 6k, suddenly you're doing something you've never done before. Unnecessary stress. But with practice? You'll nail it.
    You should be aware of and understand the following bigway terms;
    • Quadrants
    • Radials
    • Stadium Approach
    • Red Zone
    • Tracking teams

    You don't need experience of doing these though, that's what this camp is for. If we don't make a single completion BUT everyone comes back confident they've got the skills to nail a bigway formation record AND we're all smiling? That would be just perfect.


    But obvs... I'd love some cool photos too. That's what facebook is for, right?


    The DZ have confirmed that there will be two skyvans on the DZ.


    Jump tickets at Klatovy are EUR36 each. (price correct as of Nov 2020)


    The planes are equipped with O2 and can go to FL20. Single plane 02 jumps are marginally more likely than multi-plane 02 jumps.


    The costs are:
    4200m / 13,800 ft AGL is EUR 36 (No O2 required)

    4800m / 15,750 ft AGL is EUR 45
    5200m / 17,100 ft AGL is EUR 52

    6000m / FL20 / 19,700 ft AGL is EUR 61


    Klatovy is about 1k ASL so we'd get 1k less than stated numbers. ie if we're going to do it, we're going all in. To the top. Well, at least once anyway.


    The DZ owns two hot air balloons. Two! All jumpable. Approx EUR 106 per jump. They fly every morning and evening if the conditions allow. It's recommended and we'll flex where we can to allow you to jump these.


    And no, I've never heard of a multi-balloon jump either.


    C licence is required or a logbook showing 200 jumps.


    • Innhopps are AMAZING. 
    • We'd jump one evening and land out. Somewhere. Somewhere scenic. Somewhere.
    • Because you haven't seen the landing area, except in a rudimentary drawing, your senses are heightened making it an amazing experience. 
    • Transport back to the DZ would be included. 2018 there was free beer on the landing area, fire dancers, a cowboy on his horse and a live band. I shit you not. 2019 we landed at a fucking castle and there was free beer on the landing area, dinner and tours of the castle. 2020... someone landed at the far end of the field, slung their canopy over their shoulder, climbed on the back of a local's motorbike and got a ride to where the beer was waiting.
    • All the boring stuff is included like ground crew, transport for ground crew, smokes for landing direction, boat crew if near water, extra fuel for the plane, transport home for everyone etc etc, blah blah blah. 
    • We've no idea on costs but last year, if I remember correctly, it was 1 jump ticket plus EUR45.
    • Optional. Also an option to ride the bus there to join us.
    • No need to decide now. Decide at the event.
    • This is not guaranteed to happen. However, we will endeavour to make this happen. It's the icing on the cake.  



    • Please be on the DZ for 8am on Day1. DZ registration can be a little slow. We'd like to be on a call for 9am. 
    • You'll be released no later than 1600 on the Tuesday in order to make the late flights home to the UK.
    • I'm working on a hotel package so we can all stay in the same place. Don't feel you have to if you've got a bigger budget. Costs are pretty reasonable. Standard hotel price is about 25-30 euro per night inc breakfast. Expect breakfast to be typically Czech. Expect twin beds to be separate mattresses but one double bed frame. I don't know why, it's just what they do there. 
    • It is likely accommodation will be tricky and single rooms at a premium. :-(
    • Nearest airports are Prague and the ones in southern Germany. Assume Prague will be most popular but suggest you do your own checks. 

    🪂 FUN

    I'll be LO for some chilled warm up jumps the day before. My current plan is to fly out on Thursday morning. Hit the tunnel Thursday afternoon, evening and Friday morning and jump on the Friday afternoon when the skyvans turn up. Feel free to join me. Or do your own thing. I'll be on a lift Friday afternoon and will do 3-4 jumps as quickly as I can and then I'll be stopping to catch my breath before the camp starts in anger.


    After the event I'll be unwinding with some fun boogie jumps on the Wednesday. Wingsuit rodeos, freefly, big big star formations. Anything goes. Join me?


    Event tshirts are notoriously hard to get right. I don't do them. I am happy to assist and guide someone else sorting them though.


    2018 - event tshirts were crowd sourced. John Horne was 'the man'. He designed them and found a manufacturer.


    2019 - The legends of Sun Path Products subsidised the event tshirts - it was a one off. Shirts supplied by Manufactory. Approx USD 70 per shirt. Wow. Amazing. Jemma Westing was the designer to rule all designers.


    2020 - hahahaha.


    2021 - If you want to make it happen, please be my guest. I'm happy to help. Thank you.


  • 🪂 Small Print

    E&OE. Registration fee is your deposit and secures your place. Non-refundable but can be swapped if you find someone to take your place - I will help as best I can. By coming on this trip you are confirming that with appropriate training and encouragement you will be able to safely fly 20-22ways. We will do our very best to help you. However, if you're unable to fly in 20-22ways safely; your approach is uncontrolled, your tracking is inefficient or your canopy control is reckless, or maybe you're just having a bad day, at some point you will be asked to stand down from the group.


    - Places are limited. We need at least 20 to go ahead. Although we'd be aiming for 40, as in 2019 and 2020.

    - If your Govt, or the Czech Govt forbids you from travelling there would be a 100% refund.

    - If the Czech Govt requires a period of quarantine on entry, then there would be a 100% refund.

    - If your Govt allows you to travel but recommends against it for all but 'essential reasons' there would be a 100% refund.

    - If your Govt allows you to travel without an essential reason (eg holidays) but imposes restrictions, eg a period of quarantine, then this would be your responsibility.

    - Deposits are non-refundable (with the above exceptions) but is transferable. I'd do everything I can to help you find a replacement.

    In 2020, some Czech events weren't able to be held but the planes were able to fly to Cottbus in Southern Germany. I'm told their landing area is even larger. I hope we don't have to consider this but we might have to. It's not that far of a drive from Klatovy, a couple of hours so flights wouldn't need changing.


    Everything here is reported as I've been told. Be aware though that planes can break. Fuel prices can go up. Weather can be shite. Balloons can be taken out by a bird with a sharp beak. DZOs can offer to pay for a 3rd plane to carry one skydiver to altitude solely to get outside video or they can change their minds. Volcanoes, earthquakes, locust swarms, meteor strikes, black holes, zombie hordes and virus pandemics all happen. Brian is not responsible. Blah blah blah. :-)

  • How do I get a place?

    Did I mention this was first come first served?


    Read this website. Be happy with the contents. It has all the information you need. (If it doesn't, email me and I'll make sure it gets listed).


    Pay the reg fee. No change in 2021. Same levels as at 2020. It's on a sliding scale in an effort to encourage younger skydivers into the Bigway FS scene.

    • Registration fee = £140 (equivalent to £35 per day for LO and camera on five jumps - a massive bargain. Equivalent to less than 4 mins of tunnel per day)
    • Under 30? Discounted reg fee = £95
    • In full time education? Reg fee = £75 (equivalent to only £18.75 per day, or less than 2mins of tunnel per day)

    The payment details are in the Registration form or are available by email. I'm not sure how sensible it is to post bank account details on a website.


    Reg fee covers LO and cameraflyer costs for five jumps per day for four days. I am a full time skydiver so I do need to earn something per day, I hope you understand. This is not planned to be a profit-gouging event, registration is still pretty reasonable and bigway event costs are notoriously unpredictable. My 21 month old daughter thanks you. x


    Fill in this registration form... click any of the buttons on this website. :-)


    • It's the minimum information we need now.  
    • There will be a later reg form, late July, with more detailed information so that we can make sure you get the most from the camp. 
    • Jump numbers don't need to be precise. To the nearest round number is fine. 
  • Who's got a confirmed slot?

    LO1) Rob Kendall.
    LO2) Pete Allum.
    Vid1) Dave Clarke
    Vid2) Ladislav Lala


    Andrea Schendel, 700, 10, 80
    Claudia Terrana

    Daniel Winz, 500, 10, 40
    Edgar Sartori Lisboa, 120, 5, 9
    Fabio caselli

    Filip Zec


    Franzi Wiesler, 155, 15, 16way

    Giacomo Biviano

    Heiko Kunze, 4700, 1(!), 210
    Ivica Just, 181, 16, 23, previously attended
    Jana Faixova, 192 jumps, 18hrs, 23way, previously attended


    Jörg Albath, 3200, 20, 84
    Jozef Just, 656 jumps, 25hrs, biggest 60way, previously attended

    L'ubomir Grogcik, 1480, 10, 46way, previously attended
    Luciano Rambelli

    Marek Rehák, 225, 20, 9


    Mario Saldinger, 315, 6, 15

    Massimiliano Rodofili,

    Massimo Dal Chiele,

    Misha Jankovic
    Nikolai Gorath, 370jumps, 3hrs, 10way



    Nina Velter
    Paul Blak, 250, 1.5, 14
    Pavol Letko, 99 jumps, 10hrs, 12way

    Peter Taf Mather
    Phillip Fitzpatrick, 663, 8, 24way, previously attended


    Roberto Fazzi

    Severin Bojic, 145, 4, 4

    Stefan Paunovic

    Stano Bilacic, 930, 30, 50, previously attended

    Taras Vozniuk, 634jumps, 15hrs, 58way, previously attended


    Thomas Acker, 2000, 1(!), 32
    Timothy Veel, 280, 10, 23way, previously attended
    Tomas Cacko, 490jumps, 7hrs, 30way, previously attended
    Veronika Kontárová, 300, 25, 58, previously attended
    Zvonimir Veljača, 676, 4, 20

  • Who's got a confirmed slot in 2022?

    We're grateful to the following people for carrying over their registration fees to 2022

    LO1) Brian Cumming

    LO2) Rob Kendall
    LO3) Pete Allum
    LO4) Laura Hampton


    Vid1) Paul Rimmington, previously attended as cameraflyer in 2018, 2019 and 2020

    Vid2) Martin Skrbel, previously attended as participant in 2018 & 2019 and as cameraflyer in 2020.
    Vid3) Emily Aucutt

    Vid4) Pete Harries/Dave Clarke


    Ross Walker, UK

    Gareth Corfield, UK

    Stu Bruce, UK

    Paul Flood, UK

    Jason Burgoyne, UK



    Yves Lachler, Germany

    Mark Hay, UK

    Nigel Cross, UK

    Nichola Houlahan, UK

    Martin Fagerer, Austria



    Anastasios-Odyssefs Ntinopoulos, Slovakia

    Maciej Sobczak, UK (bigger)

    Jamie Tolan, UK

    Ken Yeadon, UK

    Phil Cane (Bigger), UK



    Max Samuel, UK

    Stefan Koestenbauer, Austria

    Martin Clarke, UK

    Paul Moden, UK

    Clive Vadarkis (bigger), UK



    Scott Brettle, UK

    Anthony Green, UK

    Jens Klobes, Germany (both)

    Phil Taylor (bigger))

    Michael Bribernik, Austria



    Pavel Zajcev











  • BigWay Camp 2020 and past events

    BigWay Skills Camp 2020 - Martin Skrbel edit

    July 2020

    Skydive Pink, Klatovy, Czech Republic. 48 skydivers travelled from around Europe to jump.


    Video by Martin Skrbel

    BigWay Skills Camp 2020 - Emily Aucutt edit

    July 2020

    Skydive Pink, Klatovy, Czech Republic. 48 skydivers travelled from around Europe to jump.


    Video by Emily Aucutt

    BigWay Skills Camp 2019 - Paul Rimmington edit

    May 2019

    BigWay Camp was at Skydive Pink Klatovy in Czech Republic. 46 skydivers travelled from UK and Ireland to jump.


    Video by Paul Rimmington

    BigWay Camp 2019 - Tom Shorten edit

    May 2019

    BigWay Camp was at Skydive Pink Klatovy in Czech Republic. 46 skydivers travelled from UK and Ireland to jump.


    Video by Tom Shorten



    Brit100 was 1999. It's time to go big again.

    Skydive Algarve Xmas Boogie

    Xmas 2019

    FS LO at Skydive Algarve Xmas Boogie

    BigWay Camp 2018 - 22ways

    May 2018

    BigWay Camp was at Skydive Pink Klatovy in Czech Republic. 22 skydivers travelled from UK and Ireland to jump.


    Video by Paul Rimmington

    BigWay Fun 2017 - 45ways

    BigWay Fun 2017 was at Skydive Pink Klatovy in Czech Republic. 45 skydivers travelled from across Northern Europe to jump. Don't expect the same standard of skydiving at the camp. Camps are for learning and training. This is a no stress, no blame camp for learning.


    And yes, I'm biased, but this is my most favourite event video ever. Credit: Dan Girdea


    Paul - the gauntlet has been laid. ;-)

    What does Brian know anyway?

    Sept 2015

    World Record 2 point 202way formation. This photo shows the intermediary photo between the two points. Taken over Skydive Perris. Photo by Willy Boeykens

    202way Sequential World Record - My PoV

    I was late diver on a trail plane on a nine plane formation. This is my footage. Can you see the quadrant, the radial, the stadium and the tracking teams?

    BigWay Beginners - Nethers, Langar & Hib


    BWB has been running since Caroline Hughes and Skydive Choreography came up with the concept. We teach the basics in a no blame environment whilst providing testing slots for intermediate and experienced skydivers at the same time. BWB has run at Nethers, Langar and Hibaldstow in the past. If you know a DZ that offers a multi-plane experience in 2020, we'd love to know. This photo taken over Hib. Photo by Jon Trevor.

    Chasing Tails 28way team - Hib


    Chasing Tails competed in the Hib 28way competition from inception to 2013. Brian was captain in 2011 (1st place) and 2013 (2nd place). Photo by Matt Black.

    Skydive Spain Xmas Boogie

    Xmas 2008 and 2009

    FS Load Organiser at Skydive Spain Christmas Boogie.

    Also likes wingsuits

    Oct 2015

    Large formation wingsuit world record holder - 61way set over Skydive Perris. Photo by Norman Kent.

  • Testimonials

    48 ppl, two groups.

    Rated 4.8/5 from 31 reviews

    46 ppl, two groups.

    Rated 4.7/5 from 32 reviews

    23 ppl, one group.

    Rated 4.8/5 from 22 reviews

    It's simply not possible for the 2021 event to be more special than we had in July 2020. Expect a good event where you will learn loads. If BWSC21 is hyped too much so that you're expecting the best skydiving event ever, then if you only get a very good event, then it may be a disappointment.

    Holy crap, the pressure is on! ;-)